Vampires are immortal beings that were once humans that have been changed by another vampire. They are best known by their fangs, and thirst for blood. All vampires trace their lineage from a vampire named Avaria. Once rulers of the world they ruled over an advanced era that surprasses all cultures of mankind. they ruled for over 5,000 years until a series of civil wars amongst the monarchs ended the once mighty Vampiric Age.


The species known today as Vampire has it's origins in ancient Egypt ten thousand years ago. Within a small village in the delta region a terrible plague visited the village, as the villagers suffered there was, but one who didn’t suffer, the chieftain's daughter Avaria. Praying to the shrine of the local spirits Avaria's prayer was answered by a spirit known as N'Kiya who told her she would be able to help but it would require a sacrifice of blood. Avaria consented believing she would be taken instead N'Kiya cut her wrists and ventured inside her body, combining her essence with Avaria's blood. Upon leaving her body Avaria began to feel a burning sensation over her body. When the pain stopped, N'Kiya advised Avaria on how to change the villagers before departing. Avaria noticed changes in her body, such as her newly acquired fangs, and being able to smell and hear blood and so the predatory species was born, Avaria soon turned the surviving members of her village spawning the first vampires. During this time known by ancient vampires as The Great Conversion, Avaria and her new children traveled the world turning many vampires. Sometime during 10,000BC Avaria and her children decided to build an empire to which they would be the masters over the lands and rulers of the lesser beings this would eventually be known as The Age of Vampires. Due to their extremely high level of intelligence vampires were capable of creating technology that to this day has yet to be replicated, using their knowledge and superior abilities the vampires were able to create glorious shining cities at rates that would take most centuries to achieve. Despite their progress there were many problems amongst the rulers, being immortal the royal families had difficulty passing the thrown which lead to at least three centuries of bloodshed amongst the monarchs. In order to save peace, the great mother called for the monarchs to take turns ruling an act which lasted effectively until the end of the era.

First Dynasty

Soon after the great conversion many vampires turned were already considered royalty by their standards and initiated small organized kingdoms in their respective lands. In time cities larger then most modern metropolises were being built and the vampires expanded their lands taking more into their kingdoms. This marked the official beginning of the Vampiric Empire which established the first of Avaria’s children as the monarchs of their lands. This was not without problems many of the lesser ranking vampires vied for power and warred with their leaders which led to warfare and to make matters worse any progeny of the monarchs desired the throne themselves leading to massive outbreaks of civil war. To prevent any further bloodshed and chaos, a law was passed which had 3 monarchs rule in place for a period of time and stepping down for the next triumvirates. Despite this measure there was yet another problem along the way.

The tainted Emperor

At around 8050BC a powerful vampire Emperor Regulus tempted by his curiosity drank the blood of a dead man to which he found the blood to be sweet tasting, and his opinion better than living blood. Regulus took this discovery to his court where it became a popular drink amongst his underlings. The only problem is the blood of a corpse is poisonous to vampires, although they would find the taste of it just as good the blood of a living person the blood of a dead person is comparable to drugs to a human. Slowly over a period of three hundred years Regulus and his court would degenerate into a ghastly vampire known today as Nosferatu. During this time neighboring monarchs such as empress Dacia of Germania and emperor Demetrius of Greece voiced their concerns to Avaria about Regulus' degenerating court. Avaria ventured to Italia where she confronted Regulus and instead of finding the once great emperor she found a withered emaciated looking vampire, he tried to convince Avaria this was the new era, Avaria warned Regulus to stop and allow the witches to return him to normal. By this point Regulus had become so addicted he came to believe the other monarchs were blind to the truth, he proceeded to invade Dacia's realm infecting many vampires under her control. During the conflict many of Regulus and his followers who by this point had become almost completely unrecognizable infected numerous vampires almost difficult for the monarchs to even fight for fear of infection. The conflict died when Avaria focused on all vampires infected by Regulus and his court and telepathically crushed their minds ending the war. While the remains of Regulus and his followers were burned his infection passed, creating a weaker strain of Vampire that we know today as the classical undead vampire.

The end of the era

At around 5000BC the problems within the empire were becoming harder and harder to control, in previous ages when an underling tried to overthrow their monarch, or disturb the Triumvirate they were executed and then a new one was selected. However towards the end the greedy and ambitious nature of the vampires began to boil over with overlords battling each other for their posts, to the Monarchs ripping each other apart for the throne the conflict came to a height with the sudden disappearance of Avaria, which sent the vampires into frenzy. Eventually the vampires came to a truce, end the empire and venture into the shadows with the help of witches the vampires were able to clear out all knowledge and eventually their once mighty empire disappeared into the shadows. Over time the humans built their own civilizations mirroring in the styles once made by the original vampire rulers. As for the vampires they created an underground government with multiple factions and ruling partings, and many shaped the lives over the last five thousand years of human history.

Into the Modern Era

Over the course of human history, vampires have been secretly reorganizing their system of government, inserting themselves seldom into human affairs. Vampires often came to clash with humans, with reports of monsters attacking the kings of Greece, demons assaulting Christians and Muslims during the crusades, even sightings of "fanged" humans during WWI and WWII. During the 16th Century vampires created an Autocratic like government simply known as The Order that has an absolute reign over the lives of vampires. Vampires also control numerous businesses that affect both human and supernatural beings.


The vampire government is an autocracy that consists of powerful vampires, either chosen or taken by a specific vampire. Age is unimportant as even century old vampires can be monarchs, once a vampire is a monarch they are of the highest power and considered untouchable, however this rule is extremely flexible given the ambitious nature of vampires. Within the Order, vampires are often broken into a bureaucratic like state, the Elders are the highest position within the Order, only vampires who are around 500 years old can qualify for a seat, the council oversees all the underlings within the Order, and only they may choose a monarch if a territory is in need of one. The Inquisitor is the third highest rank in the Order, every country has one, they assume position as the head of the Tribunal during vampire trials, only certain vampires can be an Inquisitor and being immortal it is often an indefinite position, which has led to several assassinations. The lowest position is Sherriff; they command sectional regions and have no real power other than maintaining order in their area.

Crime and Punishment

Vampires do not have many laws and the few that are implemented by the Order are as follows

  1. Do not expose vampires to Humans, Serious offense punishable by death
  2. Do not steal another's human, minor offense
  3. Do not betray the monarch, Extreme offense, punishable by death
  4. Do not betray the Order, Serious offense, punishable by death

Since the vampire government is an Autocracy, a monarch can add new laws of their own and can punish vampires in their kingdoms as they see fit.

Becoming a Vampire

There are several ways to becoming a vampire, the traditional method which was once the only method when there were only Purebloods was for the vampire to give their blood to the human at whom the human must go into the sun. With the blood inside the humans blood, the sun quite literally burns the blood bonding to the human turning them. During the days of the Nosferatu, the pure blood in the vampires became polluted which resulted in a much weaker version of the vampires, during the Nosferatu infection Stage 2 Nosferatu were rather infectious which also added to the polluted weaker version. The last method is simply for the human to die with vampire blood in their system.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Vampires are incredibly strong and it grows as they get older. The strength of a newly made vampire is comparable to 5 people. Pure Blood vampires are twice as a strong as Nocturnal Vampires and far more powerful then most beings.
  • Durability: Vampires are capable of taking incredible amounts of damage that would normally kill or cripple humans or other supernatural creatures. They can withstand being shot, stabbed or thrown from a high rises without being hurt too much.
  • Super Speed: Vampires are one of the fastest supernatural beings, no human can outrun them and most supernatural creatures with speed abilities have trouble keeping up. They get even faster as they get older.
  • Healing Factor: Vampires heal from any wound within seconds, depending on severity of the wound, blood loss and general age of the vampire also can depend on the speed of the healing.
  • Mind Control: Vampires are capable of controlling the minds of many supernatural beings and humans. They can modify, change, remove and add memories, as well as force the person to do something they otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Senses: Vampires senses are far more advanced then most beings, being able to smell blood, hear conversations from far away, as well as hearing blood pumping.
  • Flight: Many vampires to a degree can flight, it appears that this ability is gained when vampires turn 100. Much older vampires can fly without much effort
  • Aura Sense: Vampires have an infrared like vision known as aura sense, it allows them to see in the dark, as well as seeing living bodies as they glow bright red.
  • Telekinesis: Pure Blood vampires especially 1st generation vampires are capable of moving objects with their minds
  • Telepathic Sleep: Vampires are able to enter a sleep like state, where they are able to telepathically connect with the world around them, allowing them to know the events going around them as well as picking up the language and even accent of the region.
  • Blood Recognition: when a vampire drinks the blood of a living creature, they are able to know the persons name, age, place of birth, even most recent events in their life. It is theorized this was how they were able to rule the world, by embedding communications with the blood.
  • Intelligence: Vampires are incredibly intelligent being able to learn anything at incredible speeds, and retaining such knowledge. During the vampiric age, vampires created technology that is far advanced then that of humans. They also mastered the use of crystals in their technology.


Wood: Vampires are weakened by wood as it has a chemical reaction to their blood. When a vampire is stabbed, shot or otherwise injured by wooden objects it poisons the vampires long enough to make them go down.

Vervain: while technically its not the vampire itself, Vervain was used to ward off the blood spirits, due to their connection with them, Vampires themselves are weak to vervain, if it comes into contact with them it burns them, vervain growing on plants mostly affects their senses of smell and gives a nauseating effect.

Magic: Vampires are vulnerable to magic such practiced by witches, sorcerers and any form of it. It can weaken them in varying ways as well as kill them.

Entry into homes: due to their connection with the blood spirits, vampires are unable to enter a home without permission. It is believed that because the blood spirits are from another plane of existence and require entry by spell, or ritual, vampires require permission to enter a persons home.


Pure blood vampires look like ordinary humans, as they still technically alive. When aroused, angry or excited their fangs protrude, otherwise they are concealed to maintain a normal appearance. Most vampires living amongst mortals drink blood from safely secured means.

Nocturnal Vampires have a paler complexion, which they maintain a normal appearance by consumption of caffeine pills, adrenaline, coffee and maintaining a healthy diet of blood allowing their bodies to function normally.

As they are immortal they appear the same as they did when turned, they hair and nails continue to grow. They also don’t gain any weight.