Avaria is an Immortal and the first vampire in the world. During the age of vampires she ruled over modern day Egypt and commanded great power during her reign. It was during her disappearance that caused a frenzy amongst her children that led to the end of the empire.

Early life

Avaria was born in a lush village, in what is now Egypt, her early life is mostly a mystery but what it is known by some is that she was one of the rarest beings around, Immortal. True Immortals are rare no one can pinpoint an origin or how they came to be all people know is that is they live forever, have enhanced senses an abilities. When Avaria was seventeen, her village was visited by an unusually cold wind that brought forth of a vicious plague, that caused great pain, sickness and a slow agonizing death to the village. Avaria was completely unaffected by it, and the village shamaness believed her to be touched by the spirits. Avaria's village worshipped the Inan'Aku a race of spirits from another realm, comparable to fairies, as she prayed one spirit came to her the spirit N'Kiya who told her she would be able to help but it would require a sacrifice of blood. Avaria consented believing she would be taken instead N'Kiya cut her wrists and ventured inside her body, combining her essence with Avaria's blood. Upon leaving her body Avaria began to feel a burning sensation over her body. When the pain stopped, N'Kiya advised Avaria on how to change the villagers before departing.

Mother of All

After being turned Avaria began to use her new abilties, to first turn her village, and then travel throughout the world sharing her gift with those who wanted it. In Vampiric history this is known as the Great Conversion where an estimated 300,000 people were changed. it was then somtime during 10,000BC Avaria and her children decided to build an empire to which they would be the masters over the lands and rulers of the lesser beings this would eventually be known as The Age of Vampires. due to their extremely high level of intelligence vampires were capable of creating technology that to this day has yet to be replicated, using their knowledge and superior abilities the vampires were able to create glorious shining cities at rates that would take most centuries to acheieve. Despite their progress there were many problems amongst the rulers, being immortal the royal families had difficulty passing the thrown which lead to atleast three centuries of bloodshed amongst the monarchs. In order to save peace, the great mother called for the monarchs to take turns ruling an act which lasted effectively until the end of the era.


Nearing the end of the Empire, Avaria was soon gone, vanished from the world. In a fury all her children felt the sudden loss hard going into a frenzy that eradicated the empire. Throught the last five millenia many of Avaria's most loyal children have spent searching in vain for their mother, while many hold to believe she died long ago.

Powers and Abilities

Avaria has the all the abilities and weaknesses of Vampires however she is not just a vampire but the first vampire and since she was turned directly by the Inan'Aku she also has some of their powers as well.

  • Pyrokinesis: Avaria is capable of manipulating fire both with her mind and the movements of her hands. she is also connected to all her children by blood and can set them on fire through their blood
  • Hemokinesis: Avaria is able to manipulate blood kinetically and is capable of pressurizing, boiling and cooling blood. In an extreme case she pulled the blood out of another vampire entirely leaving behind a dry husk.
  • Vampiric Awareness: Avaria is able to see the world through the eyes of her children as well as hear what they hear.
  • Telepathy: Avaria is a telepath and is capable of reading the minds of most creatures, she also has sub telepathic powers such as memory manipulation and killing someone via telepathy.